About Us

Three Wrens is a clothing boutique that features gorgeous, colorful, stylish clothing for women sized 14 through 24, or 0x through 3x. 

Our guiding principles are:

Shopping should be fun

What a revolutionary concept for plus size women!  Raise your hand if you’re tired of logging into a website, seeing dozens of gorgeous pieces of clothing, then filtering down to plus size just to see pages of shapeless single-colored t-shirts and stretchy pants. Before she is forced to settle for less, the plus size shopper is bombarded with gorgeous clothing that isn’t in her size.  It’s a double whammy of depressing!

When you come to Three Wrens, you’ll see dozens of gorgeous pieces of clothing and everything will be for you!

Clothing should express your personal style

Every women has the right to express her own person style when she gets dressed.  A woman’s shopping experience should be more than furtively searching for something that successfully covers her nakedness, with no higher standard than that.  At Three Wrens, we carry many styles of clothing, so find the ones you actually like and let your own personal style shine through!

Plus size women deserve high quality clothing

We all need staples or trendy items that we can buy on the cheap once in while, but plus size women also deserve the option of purchasing higher-end clothing when they want to.  Your statement pieces, your holiday cocktail dresses, your investment items, your work wardrobe - these pieces should be available to all shoppers in whatever price range they can afford.  Three Wrens provides customers with a range of price and quality options that can serve many shoppers’ needs.

Stores should reflect an ethical belief system

Women should be able to buy from companies that reflect their ethics and beliefs.  Unfortunately, that is a luxury that many plus size shoppers cannot afford, because the choice of clothing is so restricted that plus size women need to take whatever they can find.  Three Wrens is working to feature more and more ethical companies, with regards to human rights and environmental impact.