13 Vintage and Second Hand Clothing Stores for Plus Size Women

Posted on May 14 2020

13 Vintage and Second Hand Clothing Stores for Plus Size Women


One of the coolest girls in our high school shopped at second hand clothes stores all the time. She had such an eye for detail - I remember a barrette she used to top her funky and unique outfit one day - it was a little hat.  So she put it on top of her head and was wearing a tiny hat all day - I envied of her sense of style and brave experimentation. 

Eventually, my mom taught me how to get to Milwaukee's fashionable east side and find a few vintage clothing stores.  I think that was her truly desperate last-ditch effort to help me be a little cooler than I was.  It didn't work.  Somehow I was too intimidated by the racks of rock-and-roll tee shirts and the punk-style jewelry.  I loved to look, but rarely bought.

The desperation of college changed that for me entirely, and by my mid-20s I was a second-hand clothing aficionado (weren't we all?).  The unspoken theme of this walk down memory lane, as I'm sure you all know, is that I was straight-sized at that time. You don't need me to tell you that finding vintage clothes feels virtually impossible for a plus size shopper.

But there are vintage and second-hand plus size clothes out there, if you look know where to look. We found thirteen amazing sites where you will find clothes from any and every era, for all budgets. 

Why will shopping at these stores make you feel as amazing as you'll look?

  • they are mostly small, local businesses
  • you can reward excellent service with your shopping dollars, just like in a restaurant
  • you are reducing the environmental impact of the apparel industry, both in terms of production and in terms of disposal of fast-fashion fabrics
  • you are getting a great deal, stretching your clothing budget much farther

We evaluated these sites based on how robust their filters are for ease of shopping, whether they include product measurements, selection size, and true size inclusivity.

Did we miss anyone?  If you have a favorite store to add to this list, please comment below!

Two Big Blondes

Two Big Blondes is amazing!  It was founded in 1997 and has a large selection of plus clothes.  They have an eBay store for their basic second hand items, which has a great selection, like an on-trend NIC+ZOE dress and other high quality, designer items.  They have a separate store called Thrilling for their prime vintage pieces. If you only shop one vintage plus store, this might be the one I'd recommend.  I didn't make it out of their eBay site empty-handed!  Occupational hazard.

  • Size Filtering: Thrilling has every kind of filter you could need.  The eBay store's filtering is a little less robust.
  • Measurements: No
  • Selection: The eBay site is extensive, Thrilling doesn't have as much.
  • Size Inclusivity: I found up to a 34W
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: Inventory includes both current and genuinely vintage pieces

The Plus Bus

The Plus Bus manages their online sales through Facebook store and their Instagram page.  They do Facebook Live sales that are just a stitch.  The clothes are fun, fashion-forward, and reasonably priced.  The Plus Bus community is just fun to be a part of.   

  • Size Filtering: No
  • Measurements: No, they tell you the size of things during the live sales
  • Selection: There are many items for sale on their Facebook site, and they go through a lot more in their live sales.  
  • Size Inclusivity: Not stated
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: Colorful, bright, head-turning, high fashion styles.  No jeans.


ResellXL is a plus-only consignment store that carries higher end, designer brands like Ralph Lauren, Talbot's, and Calvin Klein.  They have an extensive collection, but no filtering ability beyond clothing type so you'll need to hunt for your size.  They list the measurements of their items, which is a huge bonus!

  • Size Filtering: No, but size is visible without drilling into each listing
  • Measurements: Yes
  • Selection: Very large selection
  • Size Inclusivity: 14/XL through at least 3X
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: Classic, stylish, higher-end designer clothing

Curve Conscious

Curve Conscious sells sizes 12-28.  The clothes are cute and trendy, I really like the store. The only drawback is that their online store is an Instagram page, and the shopping is cumbersome. 

  • Size Filtering: Yes
  • Measurements: No, but the sizes are clearly listed
  • Selection: Very limited online selection
  • Size Inclusivity: 14/Large to 32/5X
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: They only buy/sell items from the past 2 or 3 years in great condition.  They rarely sell suits or capris.  On-trend.


Luvsick Plus

The clothes are fantastic at this Chicago-based plus size vintage shop started by Britteny Riordan. I love that the measurements of each item are posted in the listing, but unfortunately the size isn't explicitly stated in the listing title and filtering by size isn't possible.  

  • Size Filtering: No
  • Measurements: Yes
  • Selection: Small boutique
  • Size Inclusivity: Unknown (no way to tell without evaluating each item)
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: Great pieces that are fashionable, flattering, sexy


Berriez is a great online store with colorful, unique, quirky pieces.  As of this publishing, they had plus size items up to Size 3X.  This site also lists the measurements of each piece, the tag size, and their opinion of the actual size range.  They are really concerned with getting you into a piece that fits you well.

  • Size Filtering: Yes
  • Measurements: Yes
  • Selection: Small boutique
  • Size Inclusivity: Up to 3X
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: Super quirky and fun, colorful, unique


Swap is a much larger site and has a bigger selection, but the listing quality is less sophisticated.  Your shopping dollars will go far at Swap - they have many items for under $10.  Swap has a robust filter you can use to narrow down the inventory by size, and also price, condition, material, and more.

  • Size Filtering: Yes
  • Measurements: No
  • Selection: At publication, over 61,000 plus items
  • Size Inclusivity: Up to 4X
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: Some pieces have a mass-produced look, some are nicer mall-store brands, some unique gems if you hunt for them.  


PlusBKLYN, founded by Alexis Krase in 2017 in Brooklyn, New York offers vintage and thrift plus dresses.   

  • Size Filtering: No
  • Measurements: No, but sizes are carefully described
  • Selection: Small boutique
  • Size Inclusivity: Unsure due to lack of filtering
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: Straightforward, solid styles.  Brands like Eloquii, Coldwater Creek, Lane Bryant, Fashion Nova , etc.  Daywear styles, both casual and office, with some cocktail and bodycon dresses as well.

Fat Fancy

Fat Fancy is a great local business in Portland, Oregon.  They carry consigned plus clothes as well as other lifestyle pieces that are loved by the body positive community.

  • Size Filtering: No
  • Measurements: No, but sizes are marked without clicking into the listing
  • Selection: Small boutique.  Most were sold out, but it's COVID now, so that might not be typical
  • Size Inclusivity: Up to 6X
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: Carefully curated styles, from Torrid and ModCloth to eShakti and Tahari.

Secondhand Curves

Secondhand Curves is a plus resale shop in Rockford, IL.  Their website isn't a sales site, but they do sell through Instagram.  If you've never shopped on Instagram, you'll need to get used to a new platform, but then it's kind of fun. There are many accessories as well as clothes. 

  • Size Filtering: No
  • Measurements: No
  • Selection: More trendy and seasonal
  • Size Inclusivity: 12 and up
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: On-trend brands like Maurice's, Torrid, Ana, and Target brands.

Cake Plus Size Resale

Cake Plus Size Resale carries brands like Torrid, Land Bryant, and Old Navy.  Items are affordable, in good condition, and on-trend. They introduce their models with measurements and typical sizes, so you can find your model and look right to the styles she is showing. They also sell through their social media accounts.  Overall, a pleasant shopping experience.  PS There is currently a Lane Bryant soft pleather moto vest in size 22 that someone needs to snap up immediately.

  • Size Filtering: Yes
  • Measurements: No, but sizes are displayed without drilling into the listing
  • Selection: Good selection for a boutique site, more than I expected
  • Size Inclusivity: Up to size 6X
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: Current clothes from stores like Torrid, Lane Bryant, Old Navy, and eShakti.

Copperhive Vintage

Copperhive runs an Etsy store selling vintage clothing of all sizes, housewares, homemade goods, linens, and more.  Their actual web page is simply page after page of listings, without any search functionality. Their Instagram page is super fun, but it's not a selling platform.  It's so much fun to poke around in their inventory!  Unfortunately, if you're looking for a specific thing, it can be hard to find.

  • Size Filtering: On the Etsy site, you can choose Plus Size Vintage as a category, but need to drill into each listing to see more detail.  The other platforms have no filtering.
  • Measurements: Yes, on Etsy, after you drill into the listing and click the link to expand the product description
  • Selection:  Very limited.  Currently only 10 plus items on Etsy.
  • Size Inclusivity: Hard to tell with the difficulty in seeing product size
  • Style / Uniqueness factor: True vintage. Some items are quit dated.  I found a few things I would consider wearing to rock a retro vibe.

Copperhive Vintage Inventory

Facebook Groups

If you would like to buy directly from other sellers rather than shopping a boutique-curated collection, Facebook has a number of groups that will interest you.  These groups come and go quickly, but FatToo boasts 14,000 members and has been around since 2012.  They serve sizes 20 and up in their main group, but also run FatToo Lite, the Prequel for sizes 12-18, and FatToo Grand for sizes 28 and up.  You can also sell your own clothes in these groups.

 Did we miss your favorites?  Tell us about them in the comments section! 


  • Morgan J Brittingham: December 31, 2021

    This post was so helpful! I sew my own mid-century repro clothing based on 40s/50s styles (I basically gave up on looking bc I’m a modern size 16), and am always trying to find true vintage for inspiration/textile reference! Knowing where to go now will help in my future sewing projects and inform how I list materials on my Etsy shop. Thank you!!!!

  • Eloiza Adriano: October 26, 2021

    This is an excellent blog for plus-size women.I hope you can visit our blog about vintage clothing here: https://technigadgets.net/blogs/news/what-is-the-difference-between-vintage-fashion-and-modern-fashion?constraint=vintage

  • Sarah Alexander: October 20, 2021

    Good afternoon!

    My client has a large quantity of size 27-31 (Italian size) plus size Marina Rinaldi (Bond Street) women’s clothes. Mainly evening/ formal wear.
    These are UK 22-26 UK sizes.

    Would you be interested in selling for her? Prob around 150 outfits (if not more!) Some brand new with tags.

    Also Ralph Lauren plus.
    Based Hampshire (just outside Basingstoke)

    Please advise
    Many thanks

    Sarah Alexander
    Mob. 07887 606270
    www.the homemover.co.uk

  • talisatatver@gtmail.com: October 10, 2021

    I need to know where can I find plus size clothes and I’ve shopped just about every Goodwill in Rochester New York some in Buffalo and I can’t find enough plus size clothing and plus size shoes and plus size jackets and Winter Wear wardrobe can you please assist me with finding a location and addresses and the phone numbers here in Rochester.

  • Yippie Vibe: September 13, 2021

    Delighted to see your blog.

  • CaroleMarkee : April 26, 2021

    I can’t remember name of 2nd hand clothing Plus size in Tustin on Newport I need to take a bunch of clothes there need name and address

  • Ultrans Trading Company: April 01, 2021

    We are looking for regular supplier every two months 1 × 40ft.container of summer mix second hand clothes and mix shoes.
    Mr. Chigozie Uduma Nkama / director
    Ultrans Trading Company
    N° 42 boulevard de haho assiyeye
    Hedzranawoe,post box 1210 Lome
    Togo west Africa
    Telephone N° + 228 905 99053
    E-mail, kasstero@yahoo.com

  • Jerilyn: March 17, 2021

    I’m looking for a tuxedo long sleeve white shirt with a bow tie in black. Shirt being like a size 18-20. Black vest maybe a 2×. I need for work. A side gig for a reception hall. Tia.

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  • Angela: February 03, 2021

    This list is pure gold!! So glad I found you on a Google search! Your blog and your shopping options are fantastic!

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