Three Wrens Kimonos

Posted on March 01 2020

Three Wrens Kimonos

Kimonos are a perfect way to liven up a basic outfit, cover your shoulders and arms on a cool night, and add pizzazz and style to just about anything you own.  At Three Wrens, we have five different kimonos is four different styles.  There's a kimono for every budget and occasion.  For inspiration from some of Instagram's most styling bloggers, see our recent blog post about kimono styling tips!

Floral Print Kimono

The first one is our very affordable Floral Print Kimono.  This item is navy with flowers, and its sheer fabric ensures that it's magically transformed into a new kimono every time you change the shirt underneath.  I was so surprised when I compared these two photos, one with a hot pink NIC+ZOE Perfect Scoop tank underneath, the other a teal Josie tunic.  It looks like a different garment!  I would love to wear it over bright yellow and see how it brightens up.

Textured Floral Kimono

The next kimono we have is the sheer Textured Floral Kimono by Karen Kane.  At the big convention where boutique owners like me buy our clothes, the wholesalers will dress a few mannequins in the very best items they have to offer, to attract attention (just like stores do).  This kimono was on their mannequins, and it attracted a lot of buyer attention.  Pictures can't really do justice to how lovely this item is.  I snapped one up immediately and have been wearing it like crazy this spring.

Embroidered Kimono

The third kimono is the light and gauzy Embroidered Kimono, also by Karen Kane.  As you'll see below, this layering item in black and cream will go with almost anything.  The breezy look and gauzy feel really set this piece apart.


Gold or Black Sheer Kimono with Fringe

The last two kimonos offered at Three Wrens are sheer with fringe, in gold or in black.  They can be dressed up or down and are truly appropriate for almost any occasion.


I hope you take a chance on these eye-catching layering items.  They will effortlessly brighten up your look.  Happy shopping!





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