The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020: Bleu

Posted on June 16 2020

The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020: Bleu


 A few weeks ago I published a blog post that introduced y'all to what I believe are the best swim suits for the plus size community for 2020. I ordered a bunch and tried them on, and am providing honest and undoctored photos and opinions.  I started my reviews here, and you can visit my blog to see the rest of the list.

Oh, and I decided to put myself on a tropical island.  A girl can dream, can't she?

Bleu by Rod Beattie 

Before we go into fit specifics, Bleu has this amazing fit tool that completely nailed my size.  I used that for sizing for the suits that I ordered from other companies as well.

I had some trouble finding suits to buy at Bleu.  The late start I got left me without great options for some of the suits I wanted to test, so I decided to pick one color that I liked, and test out all the different styles of top and bottom and see what happened.  As it turns out, a LOT happened!  At (mumble mumble late 40s number) years old, I found great 2 piece options that I might keep, which shocked me.

Shirred Bandeau Top with Bottoms

I love love love this shirred bandeau top. Wide straps and a crossover strap in the back for added support, no popping out of any kind anywhere, no visible cleavage - fun fact, I've discovered in the past 2 weeks that evidently I'm kind of a prude.  Some of the suits I tried on, MAN!  I evidently prefer to leave more to the imagination than some other women, and thank heavens we all have swim suit choices that we can love.  This one is mine.

The briefs in this first suit, the High Waisted Shirred Bottoms, are pretty much my favorite new thing on earth.  The model on the site was showing belly button, so maybe I was supposed to pull them down on top?  I don't know but these were super flattering; I'm hooked! 

I also liked the skirt, but oddly felt less covered up in it, since it's lower over the belly.  So you can pick the area you'd like to show more of.  I love all the options here.

I honestly never thought I'd wear a two piece suit again but I'm sold on this.

  • Bust situation: Underwire.  Great coverage.  Total support.  Cross over back adjustable straps.
  • Shaping situation: tummy tuck control panels in the brief, but not the skirt 
  • Coverage: High, for a two piece.
  • Comfort: Fantastic.  .  
  • Wearing this I feel: far more confident than I ever thought I could in a two piece suit after have 2 babies.  I love this suit.  Have I mentioned that I love it?

The worst option from Bleu was the Bandeau U Wire Tankini.  I have this romantic notion that I love tankinis; unfortunately I am very short-waisted and they are generally not for me.  But I wanted to try one, and was surprised to learn that in this instance, the problem was not hiking up at the bottom, but the squish-fest going on up top. I went ahead and posted this picture, but I insisted on wearing the skirt with it, because somehow that made me feel better to at least cover my legs.

  • Bust situation: Built-in molded cups.  Great support.  Removable adjustable halter strap.
  • Shaping situation: none, but the ruching does flatter
  • Coverage: Low, due to bust exposure.
  • Comfort: Moderate, at best.    .  
  • Wearing this I feel: like hiding in my basement.  Under a blanket.  Praying the rosary.

woman in blue swim suit on the beach


The OTS U Wire Tankini top felt much better for me.  The straps held it securely in place, the ruching is always appreciated, I liked it better with the skirt.

  • Bust situation: Triangle top with side ruching, no underwire, adjustable straps.  Great support.  Removable adjustable halter strap.
  • Shaping situation: none, but the ruching does flatter
  • Coverage: Moderate
  • Comfort: Good.  I felt contained and the fit was good.    .  
  • Wearing this I feel: Confident that I'd make it through a day in the water or a pool party with ease.  This was a solid suit that I would not regret wearing, and I loved the color.

My biggest sizing problem with Bleu was the only item I tried from their non-plus selection, an underwire bikini top for cup sizes D and DD.  If I were really interested in this top, I would obviously return it for a smaller size. But the top felt nice. The support comes from the band more so than the skinny straps, but it remains comfortable. I preferred the shirred bandeau top instead, but this is a solid plus bikini top.

  • Bust situation: underwire, cup-sized, cross over back adjustable strap, molded cups.  Great support.
  • Shaping situation: none
  • Coverage: Moderate, for a bikini
  • Comfort: Not great due to sizing issue, but in a better size, I feel confident the comfort level would be high.    .  
  • Wearing this I feel: Not as good as in the bandeau top. 


The Verdict

I feel that Bleu is my greatest new discovery of this whole process.  Rod Beattie has been designing swimwear for a long time, and it shows.  Some of these suits are really flattering for plus size bodies, it's just a matter of sifting through the styles until you find the one that works for you.

I like the bandeau bikini top with the shirred bottom the best.  How about you?


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