The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020: AND THE WINNERS ARE...

Posted on June 19 2020

The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020:  AND THE WINNERS ARE...

Well, my weeks-long adventure into the world of online swim suit shopping has come to an end.  I was pleasantly surprised at how many options I found that I liked.  How did I manage to turn swim suit shopping into a nice experience?  Mostly, it was an attitude change.  Once I accepted the fact that most of the suits I tried would not be right for me, I felt much freer to search for the few that did.

And unfortunately, the ones that I loved the most on the websites were not the ones I ended up keeping.  They were a combination of uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and unflattering.  But that's further reason to buy a lot and try everything.  The returns went easily and it was completely worth the effort, to have a suit that I love.  Here are the best of the group, in no particular order:

The Scorcher by GabiFresh

The scorcher is comfortable and offers a reasonable level of coverage.  A different GabiFresh suit I tried had the most uncomfortable underwire I have ever worn in my life, but this suit has soft cups that feel so much better. The tie detail and gold grommets are fun and offer some great sex appeal without being over the top.

The Aloha One Piece Suit by Ruby Ribbon


This swim suit has support and shaping in all the right places, which is no surprise, since it's made by the shapewear gurus over at Ruby Ribbon.  I felt super confident in this suit and while it's a bit more low-cut in the front than I would generally go for, the positives far outweigh that.  I think I'll work on being more comfortable with this neckline, rather than pass over the suit!

The Bond Girl by Becca Etc. 


I've never worn anything with sheer cutouts before, so this is a great addition to my wardrobe!  I will likely wear it without the little strap over my right shoulder - it's stable and will definitely stay put as a one-shoulder garment.  While there is no shaping, which is a negative, the black color hides many things so it looks great anyway.

The Shirred Bandeau Top with Brief-Style Bottoms from Bleu by Rod Beattie


And finally, my biggest surprise: the awesomeness that is this two piece suit.  While not all the styles from Bleu were great for me, this one is perfect.  With great coverage up top and on the bottom, and shaping and support all around, this is something I'd love to wear all summer.  I will definitely be coming back to this brand in the future, and cannot recommend it highly enough.

In conclusion...

You deserve to look and feel beautiful in your swimwear today - not 10 pounds from now, not next year, not after you've changed yourself in some way - today!  And I hope that if I've proven nothing else here, I've shown you that with a little fearless chutzpah, you can find something that will make you feel and look your best.

I started this process with one sad, boring, plain black swim suit in my closet that was so old it was becoming see-through.  I'm walking away with more choices than I handle, so I need your help!  Which ones do you think I should keep?  Comment below, and let me know if you've tried any online swimsuit shopping, either as a result of my journey or just on your own.

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  • Kellie M Freeze: June 19, 2020

    You look fantastic in the blue two-piece!
    I vote that you rock this frock in your backyard oasis this summer!

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