The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020: Ruby Ribbon

Posted on June 16 2020

The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020: Ruby Ribbon


A few weeks ago I published a blog post that introduced y'all to what I believe are the best swim suits for the plus size community for 2020. I ordered a bunch and tried them on, and am providing honest and undoctored photos and opinions.  I started my reviews here, and you can visit my blog to see the rest of the list.

Oh, and I decided to put myself on a tropical island.  A girl can dream, can't she?

Ruby Ribbon

Today we'll look at Ruby Ribbon.  Any regular customers at Three Wrens knows that we sell Ruby Ribbon, so full disclosure: I am reviewing my own product.  Above you see the graphic of their suits from the original blog post, and below we'll see how they look on a non-model body.

Some generals about Ruby Ribbon:

Ruby Ribbon swim suits include Invisishape™ technology to shape & smooth you, and it shows.  These suits are very figure flattering, both in terms of the cut and the shaping.  Ruby Ribbon is a company full of shapewear experts, and they have thrown all of their collective expertise at this line of swimwear.

You will never see an underwire on a Ruby Ribbon item, as they are uncomfortable and unhealthy.  These suits are comfortable and good for your breast health.

There was something about every one of their suits that I loved, but I don't think I got the sizing right on them, so none of them were perfect.  Before you think they're impossible to size, keep in mind that I've just had a rather dramatic change in body type, and because of COVID I can't go try on any clothes in stores to figure out what my new size is.  I should have ordered a range of sizes and found what works best, but I was overconfident and just went with my intuition.  I will probably return and re-buy my top choices, which - spoiler alert - were the Aloha Print pieces in the Riviera Collection.

Riviera Tanikini Aloha

Look at that sweetheart neckline!  I just love the tankini and desperately wanted it to fit, but I ordered one size too small.  So I'm not keeping it, but will likely re-order.  I paired it with the briefs, which look much better than the swim skirt with this top.  Many people are wearing this with pants and a cardi or blazer and calling it a top, and I probably will do the same.

  • Bust situation: Shelf bra with sewn in petals, no underwire.  Adequate coverage.  Non-adjustable straps.
  • Shaping situation: Invisishape shaping, extremely flattering
  • Coverage: High
  • Comfort: Fantastic.  As always with Ruby Ribbon, it's amazing how comfortable it is, given the shaping action.  
  • Wearing this I feel: Colorful, fun, feminine and confident.  

Catalina One-Piece Aloha

I love this swim suit.  The straps can be worn over the shoulder or crossed in the back, and of course the neckline changes based on their placement.  It is comfortable and the high cut legs are pretty great.  The back comes pretty high, so this suit is not going anywhere.  You can play all day!

  • Bust situation: Removable petals, no underwire.  Adequate coverage. Adjustable, convertible straps.
  • Shaping situation: Invisishape shaping, extremely flattering
  • Coverage: Moderate
  • Comfort: Fantastic.  As always with Ruby Ribbon, it's amazing how comfortable it is, given the shaping action.
  • Wearing this I feel: Colorful, fun, feminine and confident.  It's a bit deeper in the neckline than I would usually wear, so I'll probably go with the tankini instead, but I think many women would be comfortable in this suit.

The Tabo Tankini by Ruby Ribbon was surprisingly flattering.  I had suspected that it would look like a big pink bag on me, but it absolutely did not. This would be a great option for anyone who doesn't want to show every single curve and bump on her torso.  I was not comfortable with the shelf-bra option, however, and feel I should choose a top with more support.

  • Bust situation: Shelf bra, sewn-in pteals, no underwire. Adjustable tie at neck.  Good coverage, but with just a shelf bra in a loose top, the support is not adequate for a larger-busted woman. 
  • Shaping situation: Blouson fit with a banded bottom.
  • Coverage: High
  • Comfort: Fantastic. This suit doesn't pinch, squeeze, or shape you in any way.
  • Wearing this I feel: Really confident.  I was pleasantly surprised at how at ease I was in this suit.


Riviera Tank Suit

The last of the Ruby Ribbon suits I tried was also from the Riviera collection, a super flattering basic black suit with a sweetheart neckline and ruching.  The suit is a one piece, but there is a panel of fabric across the bottom of the front that gives the illusion of a tankini.  This might be more comfortable from a coverage standpoint, but it creates a strong horizontal line across the widest part of many women's bodies.  That's not a deal breaker for me, but it was one factor I used to evaluate it.

  • Bust situation: Shelf bra, sewn-in petals, no underwire. Adjustable tie at neck.  Good coverage and support.
  • Shaping situation: Invisishape™ to shape & smooth
  • Coverage: High
  • Comfort: This is a very comfortable suit.  It's really slimming without being binding, which is the hallmark or a Ruby Ribbon product. 
  • Wearing this I feel: Like I belong on the Riviera with a glass of champagne in hand, in this suit and a long, sheer coverup, in bare feet.  Maybe on a yacht.  Speaking French.

 The Verdict

I'm quite frustrated with myself for blowing the sizing on my beloved Ruby Ribbon, but I will absolutely buy at least one of these.  Ruby Ribbon products are flattering, made well, and fashion-forward.  There's nothing not to love, and there is something for everyone.  Two piece, one piece, tight fitting, blouson, shelf bra, soft cups, shaping and not - it's impressive that they hit every potential need in one small collection.  Bravo, Ruby Ribbon, well done.


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