Online Clothes Shopping the Easy Way - How to Get the Right Fit Every Time

Posted on November 30 2019

Online Clothes Shopping the Easy Way - How to Get the Right Fit Every Time

Shopping Online for Clothes is Hard

Fun fact - the apparel industry has been slower than just about every other industry when it comes to the growth of online shopping.  I think it's pretty easy to understand why that is - as much as we all love the convenience of shopping online, it's simply too difficult to know what will fit us unless we can try the items on.  Add in the ridiculous lack of size standardization in women's apparel, and the even more ridiculous lack of options for plus size shoppers, and it's no wonder shoppers are slow to take the plunge.  We at Three Wrens are determined to make it easier for you.

Size Charts are the Problem

After spending some time poking around Three Wrens, you’ll notice that almost every product page has a size chart.  This might seem redundant at first, since we are all used to seeing measurements charts presented in a different way when we shop for clothes online.  You click on the “Sizing Chart” link and see a standard chart that tells you that if your bust size is X, your waist size is Y, and your hip size is Z, you are such-and-such size, like this:  

Size chart

That exact same size chart pops up every time you click on that link for every item; it's always the same.

Extra-conscientious retailers might even show a video of a helpful person explaining how to measure your body, like this from a popular clothing retailer:

I'd just like to point out that in none of those videos is the woman ever actually measuring herself.  That's pretty hard to do well.

Of course, we all know that chart is a load of horse hooey, because clothes are all cut differently.  The same website that give us this standard chart, will show countless customer reviews saying “This product fits small, so order a size up” or if you’re lucky, “This product fits true to size.”  True to size?  Either it is the size, or it isn’t, and if it isn’t then why isn’t labeled a different size? 

Measure Your Clothes Instead

So here at Three Wrens, we take a different approach.  We carefully measure each size of each item that we carry.  All you need to do is measure a shirt or dress or pair of pants that fits you the way you want your clothes to fit, then use those measurements to get the Three Wrens garment that will be best for you (of course, we offer free return shipping if you need it - order 2 sizes, send one back).  This takes lot more time for us, but is much easier for you!


Keep in mind that clothing made from stretch fabric (like Spandex) will seem to measure smaller than clothes that don’t stretch much (like cotton).  We try to note when the fabric has stretch, but if you have questions, just shoot us an email and we’ll work through it.  This is really more of an art than just a math exercise, but it works a lot better than the standard chart that practically never helps anyone in any way.

How to measure your clothes

Here’s the best way to get measurements that will help you make an informed decision. 

Measuring a Top or a Dress

On a clean, flat surface, carefully lay out an item that fits you well.

  • Bust: Lay a top out, and measure from armpit to armpit, right under where the arm breaks off from the torso.  Multiply by two (2).  This number will match the Bust measurement on Three Wrens product pages.
  • Waist: move down about 5 inches from the bust to get a waist measurement, multiplying it by two (2).  Everyone’s waist is in a different spot, so just do your best and we’ll accept a return if it’s not right
  • Length: measure the back of the top from the neckline (below the collar, if there is one), to the bottom hem.  It’s worth turning the garment over to get this measurement.

    Measuring Pants

    • Waist: Measure the waistband, curving the tape measure along with the edge if it dips down the the front (which is likely in a pair of jeans).  Go all the way from the button around the back and then to the front.
    • Thigh: Measure straight across right under where the legs split open, and multiply by two (2). You are, in essence measuring the top of the thigh.

    Once you have measurements that you think will guide you to a better fit, shopping at Three Wrens will be a breeze!

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