NIC+ZOE Embraces Plus Size Models

Posted on August 06 2020

NIC+ZOE Embraces Plus Size Models

As a small boutique, Three Wrens relies on the marketing materials of our suppliers as much as possible.  Hiring a model, painting a wall green or buying a green screen, purchasing photography equipment, doing the shoot, and processing the photos is an incredibly expensive and time-consuming process, and my photos aren't the best quality.  Take a look at my first 2 attempts:

Flora Tee

I hired out the entire photoshoot the first time and, for reasons I will never understand, the photographer cut off the model at the nose in almost all the shots.  This poor woman.  Look through the photos on my website, they're all over.  I try to feature photos of her entire face every time I can in a desperate attempt to make it up to her.


I did the next shoot myself, but I'm clearly not very talented at lighting - all my lights were pointed at her upper body and I didn't realize her legs were going to look so aggressively different than her arms.  I won't even go into how hard it was to find a decent background for this particular dress, which is the exact color of the green screen.

So when my suppliers give me photos of the clothes on a plus size model, that can save me literally thousands of dollars and weeks worth of work.  Most of my suppliers give me photos I can use on plus models, so I tilt heavily towards ordering from companies like Maggy London, Karen Kane, NYDJ, and Liverpool.  Getting the clothes online is a breeze.

And that left me with a broken heart over my beloved NIC+ZOE - such amazing clothes, but they refused to publish plus photos.  It took me far more effort to get them online than it was worth.  I've tried everything - first I complained to my long-suffering sales reps and ask them to pass along my feedback to the company.  Then I started commenting on NIC+ZOE's social media posts, things like "Wow, this is really a beautiful sweater!  As a plus size boutique, I'd love to sell it, but I have no marketing materials so I can't."  Then I went so far as to connect to the founder of NIC+ZOE on LinkedIn and send her a long and heartfelt message to please please please use plus size models.  It all seemed to fall on deaf ears.

What made me even more angry about it is that NIC+ZOE charges me (and the end consumer) more for plus size clothes than straight sized, with the justification that it's a whole different line of clothes that needs redesigning, etc.  Well then, if it's a whole different line of clothes, don't you think we should be able to actually see them?

I was considering dropping the line entirely, but then look what I found this morning!


That is the most beautiful sight I could have come across today!  I am so excited that NIC+ZOE has finally realized plus size women deserve to see plus size clothes on plus size bodies.  This model is drop dead gorgeous and I for one feel much more comfortable choosing clothes to try on with her modeling them. 

Let's face it, even for women who aren't plus sized, this model is much closer to the average female body than the usual size 0 or 2 model.  Even an 8 can get a better idea of the way clothes will fit her, by looking at them on this model.

It will take a few seasons for these photos to trickle over onto my website, since I slowed down purchasing during COVID.  However, as the months go by I will be delighted to begin using these beautiful pictures.  Until then, please take a look at the NIC+ZOE inventory I already carry, much of which is on sale.


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  • Three Wrens Boutique: November 28, 2020

    Hi, Angela! Thanks for you comment. NIC+ZOE clothes are one of our most expense lines. Luckily, everything is on sale now, so I hope you go crazy and try on all kinds of style! Remember that return shipping is always free at Three Wrens.

  • Angela: November 13, 2020

    I love Nic+Zoe, but their line is so expensive it’s hard to tell if I should invest in a piece. The right-sized models will really help in that regard!

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