Model Spotlight: Penny Snark

Posted on July 24 2020

Model Spotlight: Penny Snark

"One part Wisconsin, one part pinup, served in a tiki mug with a paper umbrella on top. I'm plus size fashionista with a soft spot for all things vintage, pastel, and spooky and a passion for radical self love."

Today's Model Spotlight features an Instagrammer and blogger from my native Wisconsin, whose style is "retro, kitschy, and maybe a bit geeky."  Penny Snark (is that her real name? who knows?) loves funky socks, circle skirts, vintage dresses, all thing Halloween, bright colors, hot lipstick, and bold eyeglasses. 

How much does she love Halloween?  To her, it's a year-round holiday.  This blog post is from August: 5 Spooky DIYs for Gouhls Who Can't Wait for Halloween, and her bat decor wall background is clearly permanent.  I mean, there's dress-up and candy - what's not to love?

Her content is simply fun, and spending time on her page makes me want to meet her IRL.  Given that she lives about 15 minutes away from me, there's a distinct possibility that will happen.



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