Instant Relief for Back Pain: Safer, Easier, Cheaper than Breast Reduction Surgery

Posted on May 06 2020

Instant Relief for Back Pain: Safer, Easier, Cheaper than Breast Reduction Surgery

If you’ve ever dreamed of breast reduction surgery to treat back discomfort, you should know there’s a safer, cheaper, instant solution that will improve your health and get you back to the activities you love.

If you experience back pain and have a DD or larger cup size, your breast size might be contributing to your pain.  Breast reduction surgery can be costly, risky, and painful, with significant downtime for recovery.  There is a better option.

The Relationship between Breast Size and Back Pain

Larger breasts cause postural imbalances that contribute to back and neck pain.  D cup breasts weight between 16 and 24 pounds*.  Carrying this weight (or more!) can pull a woman’s posture out of balance.  She often slumps forward to compensate, which can pull her head forward causing neck pain, pinched nerves, and spinal curvature, and can even negatively impact lung function*

Woman in bra holding breasts


Other issues a woman might experience include her bra straps digging into her shoulders, rashes and skin infections under the breasts, poor self-image, and difficulty finding clothes.

Treatment Options for Breast-Related Back Pain

You deserve to find quick and affordable relief to your pain, but some of the solutions are difficult, long-term, expensive, and risky.  Options like weight loss, postural improvement, and core strengthening can help enormously*, but they might take months to provide relief.  Often the very activities needed to achieve those goals, such as cooking from-scratch meals and staying active, are made more difficult by both larger breasts and by back pain.

While a properly-fit bra will improve the look of your breasts, even a perfectly sized underwire will probably not reduce breast-related back pain**.

Lacking a better option, many women approach their medical provider to discuss breast reduction surgery.  In 2004, more than 144,000 breast reduction surgeries were performed in the U.S.  While surgery can provide relief and benefits, there are prohibiting factors such as:

  • Cost: Surgery costs between $6,500 and $12,000, plus other potential costs like preliminary mammogram, surgical garments, medications, etc***.  Out-of-pocket expenses can be prohibitive.
  • Downtime for recovery
  • Scarring and reduction in nipple sensation
  • Interference in breastfeeding: The potential for complication in the breastfeeding relationship can delay relief for some women until after their childbearing is complete.

You can achieve instant, risk-free relief for far less money than surgery, and in far less time than weight loss or core strengthening.  In addition, this option will help you look better, feel more supported, and improve your overall breast health.

Ditch Your Bra, Because Bras are the Worst

Ruby Ribbon Camis are your solution to breast-related back and neck pain.  Ruby Ribbon revolutionized the shapewear industry with their bra-replacing cami.  Say goodbye to your underwire and bring your support garments into the twenty-first century!

Ruby Ribbon camis and demiettes are appropriate for women of all sizes and shapes.  Their molded cups (goodbye uniboob!) and adjustable straps ensure you are supported without feeling bound up.  The moisture-wicking cami is designed with 360 degree variable compression, so you experience support and shaping in comfort, without popping out at the edges.

But why are these camis revolutionary for the larger-chested woman?

Women who are experience breast-related back and neck pain reap extra benefits from the bonded-panel sling support and the “angel wings” across the back.  These revolutionary design features spread the weight of the breasts throughout the entire torso instead of letting your bra straps and aching shoulders hold up your breasts.

In fact, Ruby Ribbon just added a brand new style to their line that specifically targets women who are looking for maximum breast and back support.  The Ultimate Cami will change your life.

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To enter, you simply need to jump on a quick video chat for a virtual fitting sometime in May.  That’s it, no purchase necessary.

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You have never felt anything like this!

If you’ve made it this far, you know you will likely benefit from wearing a Ruby Ribbon Cami, and I agree.  A virtual fitting takes only a few minutes.  Normally during a fitting, you would try on my sample sizes to find a perfect fit, but now we’ll have to be a little more creative.  We can order the size we think will work best, or maybe a couple of sizes to try them on, and return the ones that don’t fit perfectly.  Three Wrens will cover any return shipping costs you might incur while we find you a perfect fit. 

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