Honoring Seven Fantastic Bloggers for Black History Month

Posted on February 26 2020

Honoring Seven Fantastic Bloggers for Black History Month

I opened Three Wrens in 2019 after about a year of planning and research.  That preparation taught me a lot about the history of sizing in the fashion industry.  The most profound lesson I learned, however, was that since the onset of standardized sizing, African American women have been the driving force behind the efforts to transform mass-produced clothing to be more curve-friendly.  Data for standard size charts was first compiled in the 1940s by measuring paid volunteers, a population skewed to women who were part of the lower socioeconomic classes, and were therefore thinner than women who had a steady supply of food.  The volunteers were also mostly white.  The effort was repeated in the 1950s, but the subjects were women in the military, again more slender than the average woman.

Since then, many curvy women have been working to change themselves to fit into those clothes, and we all know how well that works.  Meanwhile, many African American women have worked tirelessly to change those standard size charts, and now all curvy women can reap the rewards of their efforts. 

This February, to celebrate the work of those nameless champions of realistic clothing sizes, I would like to share some of my favorite bloggers and Instagram personalities.  These ladies carry the torch lit by their foremothers - they are gorgeous, fiercely stylish, and gloriously confident.

Who are your favorite plus size bloggers?  Tell me in the comments!

Ms. Kristine at Trendy Curvy

Kristine is a gorgeous fashion blogger from Los Angeles. A lifelong curvy girl, she has dedicated herself to making sure she dresses with amazing style in a way that is trendy without being trite.  She doesn’t try to embrace every trend, but chooses what works best for her taste, lifestyle, and body type.  Her shoe game is unmatched, by the way.  She definitely shows that curvy women can be stylish and fabulous. Her website, www.TrendyCurvy.com has been featured in major publications such as People StyleWatch, Glamour Magazine, Essence Magazine and more.  Be forewarned - if you go to her blog or Instagram account, carve out a good block of time; I find that I just can’t stop scrolling!

Thamarr at Musings of a Curvy Lady

Thamarr is a Progressive Care Nurse who has been blogging for about eight years as a creative outlet.  She is a champion of beauty without restrictions or bias. Her platform is about inspiration, positivity, love, life, beauty and inclusion.  How lucky for us that she is so driven to share her light with the world, because she has got an eye for stunning fashions!  Many of her OOTDs are quite feminine in nature, with lovely dresses in polka dots or florals.  Some are much more structured and modern, and goodness, she has some boots!  What I love most is the she clearly doesn’t embrace every trend or style even if they would look great on her; she follows her own voice and shines while doing so.  PS if you’re looking for athletic wear or swim suits, she’s your woman!

Musemo Handahu at Miss Lion Hunter

Musemo Handahu is a fashion creative based in Halifax. As a writer, she has contributed to The Huffington Post and covered fashion weeks in Toronto for Fashion Magazine and in Johannesburg & Cape Town for Essence Magazine.  Her personal style includes florals and polka dots, head wraps and bright red lipstick, fur coats and straw purses.  Never dull, her Instagram photos are full of drama, color, nature, and high style.

Peggy at On The Q Train

Peggy loves to wear clothes that are colorful and really make a statement.  This bright yellow coat was inspired by the hip hop icons of the 90s.  She has a knack for finding the perfect shoes, purse, and earrings to really stand out.  In her blog, she focuses on developing her personal style by supporting women to look and feel good in their body through clothing.  She advocates for greater racial and body diversity in fashion.  Her great big goal is nothing short of changing the perception of beauty.

Anita Matey at foreign_curves


I only discovered Anita recently, so I'm still getting to know her, but I had to include her on this list.  Not only is she gorgeous and incredibly stylish, but her honesty and vulnerability comes through in her Instagram posts.  It seems that for her, inspiration and affirmations are the mantra that we all need to maintain balance and self-love.  I never regret taking a moment to hear what's on her mind (or to see her makeup today, because my goodness, she can style her eyes).

Sierra at Eclectic Kurves

Sierra is a style consultant in Indiana (who incidentally has the most adorable new puppy you'll ever see).  I love her clothes, which range from athleisure to sparkly evening wear with stops everywhere in between.  In addition to her IG feed, however, I hope you stop at her website to see her travel blog.  While mostly centered around Indiana, her messages about everything from doughnuts to date nights really resonate!  I especially loved reading about her Black History tour of Indianapolis, here:  http://www.eclectickurves.com/life/indy-steeped-in-history-tour

Assa Cisse of My Curves and Curls

Assa is a fashion blogger and all around inspirational woman from Toronto, Canada who describes herself as a "tall curly haired body positive advocate."  Her website and blog take on so much more than fashion, however.  She blogs about everything from YouTube Zumba channels to finances to the pain of losing loved ones.  She really seems like that friend you have who always has something really interesting to tell you about.  She takes a lot of photos in her home, so her blog is steeped in her own energy and family life.  Maybe I feel a kinship to her because we are a both mothers of two boys - it's so important to be able to keep in touch with our feminine side when surrounded by boys and men!  

Time to hit "Publish," for better or worse

I've been writing this blog post for 26 days now, and I am not nearly satisfied with it.  First of all, I could keep this list going for pages and pages more.  Secondly, my little blurbs about these powerful women don't begin to explain everything they are.  But soon February will be over, so I really think I just need to let this piece go.  Maybe I'll start my list for next February, or maybe I'll start a regular weekly column where I don't wait for February to showcase more extraordinary fashion bloggers.  



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