Podcasts in a time of COVID19

Posted on April 11 2020

Podcasts in a time of COVID19


Last fall, I had the honor of being interviewed by Sheila Long, the founder of Malamadoe Coworking Community for Women, on her podcast, Head of the Table.  Sheila's business has a two-fold purpose: she runs a coworking community where women can rent a desk or an office, and she also leads a robust and inspiring community of women entrepreneurs.  It is only due to Sheila's influence on my life that I started There Wrens.

It took a lot of work on her part to get me on the podcast, since, like so many other women, I simply have a hard time seeing myself as a leader.  But Sheila's amazing gift is working with women to help them recognize their own potential, and to take on the challenges that make us most uncomfortable.  We chatted about the story of Three Wrens, and our personal story as well.  You can listen to it here.

Podcasts for Shelter in Place

Most often, I listen to news and politics-based podcasts, but honestly, right now, I just can't.  So I'm on the prowl for other good ones - can you help?  Please comment below with your go-to downloads.  And since I believe in give-and-take, I've listed some of my favorites as well.

Inspiration for Entrepreneurs (current and future)

I love listening to Head of the Table, and not just because I know most of the women who are interviewed!  My other favorite podcast for entrepreneurial inspiration is  Hack the Entrepreneur.   Jon Nastor interviews successful entrepreneurs at all stages of the evolution of a business.  Their stories are inspiring, whether or not you are a business owner.

Chicken Soup for my Quarantined Soul

Committed by Jo Piazza is tells stories of couples who have made it through seemingly impossible circumstances, yet still want to wake up next to each other the next day.  Having my husband home 24/7 has been an adjustment for both of us, as I know many of you understand all too well, but these stories help us see the value of the good times, and that the end outcome is worth the hard times.



Okay, I admit I haven't listened to Escape from Planet Death yet, but I can't wait to start it.  It's a comedy fiction series by the students at Brigham Young University. A crew of bureaucrats, escaping to a distant planet, must confront a rogue robot that threatens to destroy humanity.  I'll let you know how good it is, I'm sure I'll start it next!

What podcasts are getting you through this strange time we are living in?


  • Sheila Long: April 13, 2020

    Thanks for the shout out today for the Head of the Table podcast. I like the We are MKE podcast. It is a great way to support local businesses during the pandemic.

  • Casey F.: April 13, 2020

    I don’t usually do podcasts, but I love anything by PR “Measurement Queen” Katie Delahaye Paine, and she did an interview about measuring your publicity efforts on the Public Relations Review podcast.

    But I always listen to audiobooks when I’m driving, exercising or cleaning. I really like positive attitudes and a little humor during quarantine, so I recommend “The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window And Disappeared,” “Girl, Wash Your Face,” and “Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic.”

  • Lindsay: April 13, 2020

    The Lazy Genius & The Next Right Thing

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