Get to Know a Brand: Tia Couture

Posted on February 07 2020

Get to Know a Brand: Tia Couture

Tia Couture

Tia Couture, also known as Tia Designs, is a women's collection of contemporary tops, tunics and denim jackets inspired by haute couture European fashion designers.   The design process starts with a timeless silhouette which then gets accented with shimmering rhinestone, rivet, or grommet embellishments.  These eye-catching highlights are meticulously crafted onto each garment by hand in the U.S. by dedicated workers.  Their handiwork creates fun and beautiful tops that sprinkle a little toughness and biker chic onto feminine silhouettes and designs - just the type of contrast that creates a sensational look!

You won't find Tia in many stores yet, as they are a new brand, but Three Wrens currently has six of their styles.  These first two are adorned with grommets.  I really love these, because you can wear colorful pieces under them and let the hits of color create a really playful look:

We also have two crystal-embellished three quarter sleeve casual tops.  These tops are fun and pretty - the kind of casual clothes that the plus size community has such a hard time finding.  Well, here they are!  

The last type of Tia Couture we have are tops with rivets.  The Veronica and the Betty (can you tell what I was binging on Netflix when names these tops?) are casual but chic.  Please note that they are not shiny, the pictures simply kept turning out that way.

This hot new design house offers fun fashion in all sizes.  It's nerve-wracking to try clothes from an unfamiliar brand, but be bold!  Remember, return shipping is always free at Three Wrens!  Mention this blog post and we'll throw in free shipping to you as well.  I hope you'll try out a Tia Couture top.


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