Get to Know a Brand: Margaret Winters

Posted on February 14 2020

Get to Know a Brand: Margaret Winters


This winter, Three Wrens began carrying sweaters by designer Margaret Winters.  We love the vibrant colors, the exciting details, the clever designs, and the ethics of the business.

The Designs

As you can see above, Margaret Winters sweaters are constructed from color-blocked panels of knit fabric.  The sleeves are often a different color from the body of the garment, and the cuffs often roll up to display a unique color or fabric as well. Margaret had a gift for combining the different design elements of her garments to create beautiful clothes that are available in upscale boutiques and shops across the country.


The sweaters are often designed to be reversible front-to-back.  So if you’re sweater is purple in the front and blue on the back, you can spin it around so it’s blue on the front and purple on the back.  Pockets adorn both sides with often quirky, always beautiful buttons.  The cowl necks of the sweaters can be worn close to the neck, or unbuttoned for a more open look.  Margaret was a genius at garment design.

The Production Environment

Margaret was also dedicated to making her products in the United States, paying fair wages to her employees.  Her factory is located in Ridgewood, New York, in the borough of Queens, New York City.  When you purchase her pieces, you not only look great, but you should feel great about how your consumer dollars are creating jobs and contributing to the economy.





Three Wrens product offering

Three Wrens was thrilled to get our first shipment of thick and cozy Margaret Winters sweaters, pictured above, and our second shipment of lighter, springtime sweaters, pictured below.


A Resilient Business that Weathers Change

Unfortunately, Margaret herself passed away suddenly last fall.  Given her role as the creative drive behind her business, the decision was initially made to close down Margaret Winters.  However, the employee who managed the day-to-day operations of the factory ended up stepping up and taking over the company.  So far, I have not noticed any difference in quality or look in these beautiful garments.  Margaret truly was a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman - her company is able to thrive even though she is no longer at the helm.  I am so pleased that her creative vision lives on in the new iteration of her business, and delighted to be able to help keep these great jobs open for her employees. 

I hope you try out a Margaret Winters sweater.  Their beauty, versatility, and ethical manufacturing make them a top choice for partnership with Three Wrens, to help you look and feel beautiful today!




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