Challenge Accepted

Posted on May 06 2019

Challenge Accepted

Shopping for clothing as a plus size woman presents some specific challenges, and today we want to assure you that it’s not you, it’s them.  The fashion industry does not serve plus size women well enough (yet!), but there are bright spots in the market, and here at Three Wrens we love providing those bright spots to you.  Do the problems below sound familiar?

Challenge Number 1: The clothes are boring

A rack of clothes in the plus size section of a typical store looks like a "basics" convention. Solid colors, few or boring patterns, no detailing.  *Yawn.* Here’s a dirty little secret: straight size lines to go broad and shallow, covering a lot of styles with enough inventory to sell quickly and be replaced by another wave of new and exciting items.  Plus size lines, however, go narrow and deep - few styles are offered, but they stock them in abundance.  No need to rush to get that plain black cardigan; it’ll still be there in a month. 


Everyone needs white tees and black leggings (we carry them, actually!), but plus size women also want clothes that are fashion forward, colorful, daring, bold, powerful, romantic - all of it!  Here at Three Wrens, we strive to provide our shoppers with a riotous assembly of exciting fabrics and cuts.  Sometimes we look at a rack of our items and it seems like a mountain sunset, a hippie, and a flock of tropical birds collided and spilled out onto the hangers.

We promise you won’t be bored.

Challenge Number 2:  You say “investment piece,” I say “expensive one-season item.”

The bodies of plus size women change, sometimes dramatically, from year to year.  It’s hard to justify spending more for a high-quality, well-fitting, ethically-manufactured item of clothing when you’re not sure you will be able to wear it for long.

Three Wrens is always on the lookout for brands whose clothes cover a wide range of sizes.  Zand Amsterdam skirts are a great example.  The smaller size covers sizes 10-20, and the larger size covers 2X and 3X.  Check them out - you will not find a more versatile skirt.  Another great example is our miracle tank tops and leggings.  They are one-size-fits all and each item covers our entire 14-24 size range.  Some of our most exciting layering pieces are sized 1X, 2X, and 3X (as opposed to 14 through 24), and provide some room for body changes.  We hope to find more lines like this in the future.

Challenge Number 3:  Everything in sleeveless / Nothing is sleeveless / Are there no plus miniskirts? / Can I have a long skirt that doesn’t swallow me whole?

The world has a lot of really strong opinions about what sleeves and skirt lengths the plus size community may wear. 

We have no time for that nonsense.  Welcome to sleeve and skirt freedom, ladies.  We stock them all.  Go crazy.

Challenge Number 4: The models are a size 4.  I can’t see what the item looks like for me.

Shopping online for clothes is hard in the best of circumstances, but it is impossible to evaluate a plus size item of clothing by looking at a straight size item of clothing.  Three Wrens works hard to minimize pictures with straight size model on our site.  Some of our brands photograph their plus size clothing on plus size models, which is fantastic.  If they don’t, we advocate loudly and strongly that they start.  Then, we photograph the clothes on a plus size mannequin or a willing plus size friend so you can get an idea of what the garment might look like on you. 

We also take meticulous measurements of every size of each garment, so you can measure either your body or an item you already own for comparison, and choose the correct size accordingly.

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