The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020: Gabifresh

Posted on June 14 2020

The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020: Gabifresh

 A few weeks ago I published a blog post that introduced y'all to what I believe are the best swim suits for the plus size community for 2020. I ordered a bunch and tried them on, and am providing honest and undoctored photos and opinions.

Oh, and I decided to put myself on a tropical island.  A girl can dream, can't she?

Gabifresh at Swimsuits for All

We'll kick things off with we'll look at GabiFresh.  Above you see the graphic of their suits from the original blog post, and below we'll see how they look on a non-model body: 

These suits contained ones I loved, and also my least favorite, because GabiFresh is not middle-of-the-road.

Wanderlust One Piece Swimsuit

The Wanderlust suit above caught my eye immediately when I started researching this blog series.  I just love the brown and white floral print, the white is completely opaque, the bust looks amazing with underwire cups that look supportive, comfortable, and sexy - the trifecta! Sadly, while I adore this suit in theory, it's really uncomfortable.  The underwires poke at my underarms and dig into my torso when I sit down.  If I were looking for a suit to wear while standing straight up and holding a drink, I'd manage to make it through the evening in this one and I'd look great.  But for a day of beach / pool fun?  Just shoot me now.

Ruby Ribbon has ruined me for underwire forever. I'm grateful, but today I'm also sad.

  • Bust situation: underwire, side stays. Adequate coverage.  Adjustable and removable straps.
  • Shaping situation: tummy shaping 
  • Coverage: High
  • Comfort: Not good.  I could never make it through an afternoon in this suit.  I'd end up with raw and red skin under my arms and bruising on my torso
  • Wearing this I feel: I don't know, I had to take it off almost immediately.  But it was so pretty.
Scorcher One Piece Swimsuit
I really like the Scorcher.  The bright orange is so much fun and the lace-up detail is a great way to get some sex-appeal into a suit without making it too low-cut on top or high-cut on the bottom.
  • Bust situation: Soft wire-free molded bra cups.  Adequate coverage.  Non-adjustable straps.
  • Shaping situation: tummy shaping 
  • Coverage: High
  • Comfort: Fantastic.  This is much more comfortable than the Wanderlust.  
  • Wearing this I feel: Bright, cheerful, fun.  I love love love the color and the lace-up detail.


Sunburst Bikini

I really wanted to love this suit.  We canoe a lot in my family and my dermatologist is about to lose her mind at the number of times I've burned my shoulders.  This seemed like the perfect solution but wow, no.  I realize I'm not really helping by refusing to show this photo online, but will you take my word for it on this one?  The bottoms are cut for maximum muffin top and minimum support and coverage. Plus, it took me far too long to get the ladies off to the side and nicely contained in this top.  When I first put it on, they were just duking it out for which one would escape through the neckline first.  I don't see this being a great option for summer activities.  And we're not even discussing the mustard yellow color against my pasty, just-out-of-winter skin.  This is not an easy color to wear for many women, so I'd love another color option.

  • Bust situation: Soft wire-free molded bra cups.  
  • Shaping situation: tummy shaping in briefs
  • Coverage: Moderate, but a deep v-neck
  • Comfort: Comfortable, in terms of the fabric digging in and whatnot.  I love the long sleeves and back coverage - this is a great idea for sport.
  • Wearing this I feel: Super uncomfortable and unattractive.  This is not make me feel good about myself.  Plus the neckline situation felt pretty precarious, although once it was on it seems to be stable enough.

The Verdict

I love GabiFresh, as a blogger, a model, an activist, and a designer.  But I feel like some of these suits are more about looks than comfort, and others fell short on being as flattering as some other brands.  I am definitely going to keep trying her line until I find more suits that hit the mark for me; I expect she'll get better at this every season.

My favorite of these suits was the Scorcher.  Do you agree?  What do you think of this brand?  Which would you wear, if any?

Come back tomorrow for the next brand, Becca Etc.  See you then!


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