The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020: Becca Etc.

Posted on June 15 2020

The Best Plus Size Swim Suits of 2020: Becca Etc.

A few weeks ago I published a blog post that introduced y'all to what I believe are the best swim suits for the plus size community for 2020. I ordered a bunch and tried them on, and am providing honest and undoctored photos and opinions.  I started my reviews here, and you can visit my blog to see the rest of the list.

Oh, and I decided to put myself on a tropical island.  A girl can dream, can't she?

Becca Etc.

Today we'll look at Becca Etc.  Above you see the graphic of their suits from the original blog post, and below we'll see how they look on a non-model body:

Some generals about Becca Etc. products:

Their suits do not have underwires, but instead some feature a shelf bra with side stays.  Those are pieces of something, I assume plastic, that are sewn in about under the armpit, that guard against side boob. They area a good thing. 

The website also claims to have "removable soft cups" on their non-underwire suits. I'm a reasonably intelligent person on most days, but I couldn't figure out how to remove the cups from some of these suits.  Maybe you just have to cut them out and then never have soft cups? Basically there are going to be soft cups in the suit, which prevents your nipples from announcing your arrival so again, that's a good thing.

A quick look on the website shows that the suits are really fun, just not my usual style, so I decided to try everything and see what happened. It was an adventure.


Reveal Tankini

So first off, the Reveal tankini is lined, so don't worry.  Secondly, it's not really crocheted, it's just regular swim suit material designed to have that holey crochet look. If you're looking to keep the top down while playing in the water, beware - it is loose and will come up when you jump in (although the bra part will remain securely in place, as far as I can tell).  The loose construction makes it a very comfortable suit for a woman who wants to avoid showing every bumpy on her torso.  I really liked it with the brief bottoms, but they are from Ruby Ribbon since I forgot to order one from Becca Etc.

  • Bust situation: shelf bra, no underwire, removable (?) cups, side stays. Adequate coverage.  Adjustable straps.
  • Shaping situation: no shaping 
  • Coverage: High
  • Comfort: Great
  • Wearing this I feel: Retro.  Really at ease, since it's not form-fitting.  I want to be a pool party with my best friends on a warm evening, nibbling chilled shrimp and nachos with guac while ABBA and Barry White play in the background.

Slasher Bralette

The Slasher High Neck/Halter Bralette is awesome, and the removable cups are totes removable.  I'm absolutely not keeping it, but hot pink and all that lacing?  So fun!  I did not enjoy getting into this top, as I had to work pretty hard to get the ladies into there and I'm not certain they'd stay put under pressure, but if I were really married to this style I'd try one size up and try to hook the fabric under my bust to see if that made it more stable. I f you want to slip on a long skirt and wear this poolside, you'll be the coolest cat around.  They do sell briefs and dress/coverup that matches, so go crazy!

  • Bust situation: no shelf bra, no underwire, removable cups. The side stays and top lacing keep you in on those edges, but you could pop out the bottom at any moment.
  • Shaping situation: no shaping 
  • Coverage: Low
  • Comfort: Great
  • Wearing this I feel: Very uncomfortable from a modesty standpoint, due to my impending flasher moment.  But the style and color feel very 80s to me and it was fun to revisit my teen years, in a suit that I wasn't nearly cool enough to own as an actual teen.


Bond Girl 

This black suit was everything I wanted it to be!  I loved the sheer panels and the off-the-shoulder construction to make a suit that is sexy but not too bare.  If I were in the market for a black suit, I would absolutely buy it. 

  • Bust situation: shelf bra, no underwire, removable (?) cups.  Adequate coverage
  • Shaping situation: no shaping 
  • Coverage: Moderate
  • Comfort: great.  It's not going anywhere. I feel supported
  • Wearing this I feel: sexy but family-friendly.

The coverup is a polyester crochet-style romper from the same collection as the Reveal tankini, above.  It did the job and the price was very reasonable, but it was not as soft as I had imagined, and it's definitely not absorbent.  Personally I'll probably chose a kimono from the Three Wrens inventory as a coverup, because I love them!

This short-sleeved kimono will keep you covered from head to toe, but with the open, breezy, see-through crochet-style material it doesn't feel oppressive.   It's 100% polyester, so like the romper above, it's not a soft crochet fabric and won't be particularly absorbent. But if you want a full-body covering this is a stylish option. Be forewarned - this would not be easy to take up on the bottom, since it's got fringe, but you could trim the fringe if you had to, since there is no seam at the bottom edge of each strip.  I'm almost 5'9", for comparison.  


Becca Etc has suits and coverups that are stylish and really designed to make a visual statement.  They aren't necessarily the most practical for actual swimming and playing in the sand or at the pool.  They have okay bust support but no shaping.  

My favorite of these suits was the Bond Girl. Do you agree?  What do you think of this brand?  Which would you wear, if any?




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