Introducing Ruby Ribbon Camis and Shapewear - Banish your bra!

Posted on January 19 2020

Introducing Ruby Ribbon Camis and Shapewear - Banish your bra!

Bras are the worst!  There, we said it

Three Wrens knows that bras and shapewear are just awful.  A woman's body moves, underwires don't, do the math, bra-designers!  And how does it help to squish my body in one place, just to have everything pop out in another?  So now I'm lumpy, AND I can't breathe?

The poor woman in this video should never have been put through this ordeal by her support garment.

Weekends are all fun and games until Monday rolls around and you have to put your bra back on.

Join the #NoBraClub

Until recently, I had long been an devoted customer of two brands:

  • Victoria's Secret for bras - all of those beautiful women in pink lace and gigantic wings couldn't be wrong, so if I try hard enough, I can change my body to fit that product.  I think.
  • Spanx for shapewear.  Because who needs to breathe, after all?  And if you layer one over the other, eventually you get all the edge-bulges under control.  For the most part. Hey, Oprah likes them, they must be perfect.

    I have now tossed every one of those products and filled my drawer with Ruby Ribbon camis and demiettes.  

    What's so great about Ruby Ribbon?

    When Three Wrens opened in the summer of 2019, I quickly filled the store with dresses, jeans, workwear, and casual tops, but it's taken until 2020 to add shapewear to the store.  Nothing was good enough.  Shapewear is really important to plus size women; the wrong bra can cause physical pain if it doesn't provide the proper support.  And of course, Three Wrens' shapewear line couldn't be boring or ugly, because I would never encourage you to waste good money on something that doesn't make you look and feel beautiful.

    Enter Ruby Ribbon!  

    Ruby Ribbon has revolutionized the shapewear industry.  This brand offers everything - superior support, gorgeous lace and patterns, amazing comfort, and perfect-fit cups that stretch to fit ALL cup sizes B and above.  I was so excited to find Ruby Ribbon's camis, demiettes, shapewear, and swim suits - they will let you banish bras for good!    These camis were worth the wait, I promise.

    Here's what I love about their products:

    Ruby Ribbon camis and demiettes are very comfortable

    Do you have an end-of-day ritual of switching out your bra so you can spend a comfortable evening?  That will be a thing of the past.  You'll be comfortable all day.

    These garments have been meticulously designed with moisture-wicking material to keep you cool, padded straps, and support for your back and core.  They feel better than any other work-around you have tried - going bra free, camis with shelf-bras, 24/7 sports bras - nothing feels as good as a Ruby Ribbon cami. 

    The offer superior lift and support

    The variable compression and molded cups hold you up and in comfortably.  The center back seam helps to accommodate curvy shapes.  In the before and after photo below, look at where the ladies are hanging - they are much higher and better supported in the Ruby Ribbon cami on the right.

    You will look fantastic is these camis

    The pretty lace edges are equipped with medical-grade silicon grip strip to prevent rolling.  Your back will be smooth and bra bulges are banished.  Uniboob is a thing of the past.  

    You won't believe this gentle compression can work so well

    The compression in this shapewear isn't just slapped in willy nilly all over.  Ruby Ribbon camis feature strategically placed, variable compression.  The parts that need compressing stay put and nothing pops out anywhere else.  They glide on easily, as demonstrated by the beautiful Heather Wisenbaker.  Her video isn't nearly as entertaining as the one above, but this is how I'd rather start my day: 



      Let me help you step into a cami and change your life!

      You deserve shapewear that works hard for you all day, while letting you forget you have it on.  I know you'll love Ruby Ribbon as much as I do.  You'll get a lot more out of your cami if you learn a bit about them first, so if you live in the Milwaukee area, I'd love to do a private fitting for you.  If that's not convenient we can work together online.  Check out the different lines here.  Happy shopping!


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      • Patricia Feder : October 12, 2020

        How can I buy the Cami? My stylist quit.

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