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  • Can jeans last forever?  Let's find out!
    Here at Three Wrens, we hope you never need to replace your favorite jeans, even if we would profit from it.  This is how to make your denim last for decades.  Now, if you're in the mood for a different and exciting pair of new jeans, treat yourself!
    Can jeans last forever? Let's find out!

    Wed, Aug 21, 19

    Congratulations on your purchase of top quality denim.  You have shopped our amazing collection of NYDJ and Liverpool denim, right?  Jeans like this cost more than your average mall jeans, but you will...

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  • Why You Can’t Find Any Clothes
    While about two thirds of American women are size 14 and above, less than 3% of clothes offered by major online retailers is plus size.
    Why You Can’t Find Any Clothes

    Wed, Aug 21, 19

      I just going to leave this right here: That graphic pretty much sums up the entire answer to the question “Why can’t I find any clothes?”  But since this...

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  • Challenge Accepted
    Shopping for plus size clothes is full challenges, but here at Three Wrens we are dedicated to easing those difficulties so you can shop with freedom!
    Challenge Accepted

    Wed, Aug 21, 19

    Shopping for clothing as a plus size woman presents some specific challenges, and today we want to assure you that it’s not you, it’s them.  The fashion industry does not serve...

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