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  • Three Wrens Kimonos
    Three Wrens' kimonos will complete your outfits with a bright, colorful, and sophisticated topper.
    Three Wrens Kimonos

    Posted on March 01 2020

    Kimonos are a perfect way to liven up a basic outfit, cover your shoulders and arms on a cool night, and add pizzazz and style to just about anything you...

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  • Honoring Seven Fantastic Bloggers for Black History Month
    After learning the impact of African American women on the plus size fashion world, I couldn't help but take a moment to shine a spotlight on some of my favorite online personalities.
    Honoring Seven Fantastic Bloggers for Black History Month

    Posted on February 26 2020

    I opened Three Wrens in 2019 after about a year of planning and research.  That preparation taught me a lot about the history of sizing in the fashion industry.  The...

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  • Kimonos
    Be forewarned: Reading about kimonos is a “Swallow the Red Pill” moment.  You’ll never again have an excuse to look ordinary.

    Posted on February 21 2020

    I’m not sure how much time is required for a fashion to pass from a fad to a style with staying power, but rest assured, the kimono has passed the threshold. ...

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  • Embrace your true self and let her shine!

    Posted on February 15 2020

      Here's to ...embracing our true, authentic self,...showing ourself the same kindness we show others,...boldly letting our light shine to the world. We only get to play this game once,...

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  • Get to Know a Brand: Margaret Winters
    Margaret Winters designs and manufactures versatile, colorful, beautiful sweaters right here in the United States.
    Get to Know a Brand: Margaret Winters

    Posted on February 14 2020

      This winter, Three Wrens began carrying sweaters by designer Margaret Winters.  We love the vibrant colors, the exciting details, the clever designs, and the ethics of the business. The...

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  • Get to Know a Brand: Tia Couture
    Tia Couture has just bit rock and roll flavor to sprinkle a touch of biker chic into your casual wardrobe.  You're going to love it!
    Get to Know a Brand: Tia Couture

    Posted on February 07 2020

    Tia Couture Tia Couture, also known as Tia Designs, is a women's collection of contemporary tops, tunics and denim jackets inspired by haute couture European fashion designers.   The design process starts with a timeless...

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