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- Reversible, with a belt that is also reversible - that's 4 looks from one item!

- The belt comes off entirely and can be worn with a different outfit

- True-wrap skirts.  Each one is adjustable to fit up to 5 sizes

- Each skirt comes with an attachable purse. 

- Ethically manufactured out of scrap fabric in India to reduce environmental impact. 

How cute is that? 

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The jewelry and scarves featured in our clothing photos are for sale!  These pieces are gorgeous and will definitely  up your glamour quotient.  You owe it to yourself to shine!

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Outstanding Ovals

Oval ladies, we hear you.  It is really hard for you to find clothes.  Like, harder than for most people.  So we have created a collection just for you - tops that have a waist measurement that is bigger than the bust; NYDJ jeans which are great for ovals;  leggings which fit almost all sizes (coming soon!); wrap skirts that accommodate many body types.  This collection is for you.

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